Server Rules

Every player has to prove violation of the rules. Screenshots of chatlogs, tribelogs and the gameplay itself are absolutely necessary to make it possible for the admins to react.
No self justice. Please always contact an admin first if you think that rules have been broken.

In case of violation of the rules there will be several punishments (warning, temp. ban, permaban) which will be applied depending on the severity of the contravention.

Admins always have the last word.

Please use our discord ticket system if you need admin support.


1. Play fair: Do not cheat, exploit, dupe, or use any kind of 3rd party software

2. No spamming or using other languages in global chat than english or german

3. No replacement of any kind of ingame items or dinos whatsoever

4. No porting of stuck characters or help with tribe internal matters / failed merges ect.

5. It is forbidden to abuse the functions of the offline protection mod in any imagineable way

6. Don’t intentionally have a negative impact on server health.


1. Build legit! No undermeshing or structure glitching

2. Do not build at deep sea/desert loot crates or inside of artifact caves and do not block obelisks
                            - DNB Ragnarok: Ice Wyvern Nest Spawns, Wyvern Scars
                            - DNB Aberration: Surface Openings

3. Clean up temporary structures such as taming pens, spikes, raidbases ect immediately after usage

4. Do not structure spam the world - be reasonable with anti FOB structures around your base.
It's up to the admins to structure wipe a tribe which has too many unnecessary structures

Structures that are in violation with the rules can be removed without any warning


1. Don't keep players imprisoned/tranquilized for more than 30 minutes (screenshot with timestamps needed)

2. Combat logging (going offline while being raided to trigger the ORP) will be punished by removing the ORP pillar*

3. Beginner/Raidprotection rules, a detailed "How-To" and all currently protected tribes can be found in our discord channel #raidprotection.


Every workday (Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur) from midnight to 8 am CET/CEST it is allowed to combat log. Outside of that timeframe the usual combat loging rule takes effect.


These are more like a code of honor. Constant disregard for multiple of these could be considered a violation of rule 6 (general).

>>> Try not to hit tribes that are much weaker than you for no reason.

>>> Try not to excessively grief and foundation wipe.

>>> Try not constantly hitting the same tribe on every map – let people rebuild.

>>> Try not to be a Drama Queen and get too personal. In the end it's just a game.


Last Update: 03.06.2018